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Laura Naylor


Laura Naylor specializes in traditional Polynesian art and designs at her studio Monarch Tattoo in Hau’ula, Oahu, Hawaii. Before becoming a tattoo artist, Laura received her BFA in printmaking from the State University of New York- Purchase College in 2001. She then began teaching art at a high school in New York City. She also took an apprenticeship with master printer Kathy Carpaccio at K. Carpaccio Printmaking Studio in New York. She moved to Hawaii 2 years later to begin teaching at a high school but later decided to enroll at the University of Hawaii at Manoa receiving her MFA degree. Eventually, Laura began an apprenticeship at a Polynesian tattoo shop where she fell in love with Polynesian art and culture. Upon this apprenticeship, Laura decided to resign teaching and devote herself to the world of tattooing. A few years and tattoo shops later, Laura and her husband Michael opened their own tattoo studio.