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Julz Lynn


We are so excited and beyond proud to sponsor the sensational three-time Pool/Bowl World Champion skateboarder, Julz Lynn. Hailing from Orange County, California, Julz first started skateboarding in 2003 and at just 23 years old, Julz is taking the world of skateboarding by storm. This lady is like no other. At the age of 20, Julz skateboarded from Southern California all the way to Lincoln City, Oregon for the 2012 Trifecta Skateboard Contest. You’ll see Julz skating in a backyard pool before you’ll see her at a skatepark. She says that “there’s nothing in this world that makes me feel the way I do when I am skating backyard pools.” She can thank her upbringing for that. Her father was a skateboarded (her mother almost went pro snowboarding) and had many pictures around her house of backyard pool skating while she was growing up. She is an inspiration for women and a perfect addition to our ‘Ohana.